Room For Children by Susanna Salk

Life is so hectic, I forget what I did an hour ago. Yesterday seems like last week.  Last week seems like a year ago. Gee, I think I am getting old.  It's Wednesday and I am leaving the shop early to gather up the boys for their fencing lessons in the city.  I walk in the house and the announcement is made by both boys-  It's a night of crushing homework. Fencing will have to be postponed until Friday night. I have a night at home that is unexpected! How nice. I see the package on the kitchen counter. I ordered something? It was Susanna Salk's new book Room For Children.Style connoisseur,  Susanna Salk , has put together a well edited book on children interiors.  I sat quietly in my sun room and read the book cover to cover. This book, published by Rizzoli, is so worth getting.


She picked some really stylish interiors. She loves the juxtapositon of vintage and modern.  I love this  nursery designed by Kim Zimmerman.  I spy  Blabla's  little Lulu the flower sitting in the crib.

I love this apple green nursery, designed by Celerie Kemble. They used a Ducduc crib. Mixed with black and white vintage prints.

This space, so lovely and traditional, designed by  Charlotte Moss.

A little glamor for a little girl, designed by Alex Papachristidis.

An organized, clean space for a little boy, designed by Katie Ridder.

What an inspiring book.

See you.